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Cell Tester PIXQUIRE


Automatic cell tester with efficient capability for detecting dot defects, line defects, muras, etc. Connected to our cell prober, it enables both automatic and visual tests of images.

TP Probe Unit (TMC)

There are four types of touch panel and there are two ways for inspection. One is electric resistance type, and the other is eelectric capacity type. As electric resistance type for example, it is used the conducting which is between two glasses to position. Therefore, the inspect items are resistance value and short of touch panel. The implement is available in spec. for Pad□120um x500um and pitch 300um.

S/B Probe Unit (TMC)

The panel was separated the pixels to several parts and connected the signal to the pad which is inspected. There are red, green, blue, black, white, and gray six kinds of inspected screen. The implement is available in spec. for Pad□0.3 and pitch 30.5mm.

SFB/UFB (Blade Type Probe)

SFB/UFB is the most popular and epoch-making probe using the blade which enable to replace per pin.
It has a strong resistance to particles and helps to prevent foreign matters from obstructing the contact.