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Company History


2004/09     By the MJC sole ownership, used 7,500 ten thousand Taiwan dollar as a means of capital 

                 to set up the factory and the company in Taoyuan County Guishan City.


2005/03     Starting produce Probe Unit in Taiwan.


2006/10     MPI Corporation(MPI) joint capital participation, the ratio of stocks is MJC 60%, MPI 40% ,

                 and also increases the capital to 12,500 ten thousand Taiwan dollar.


2007/11     The simple LCD inspection equipment design and production started.


2008/09    To buy the plant in Hsinchu CountyJhubeiCity. Head office and factory are migration

                to Jhubei City.


2008/11    LCD inspection equipment design and production started.


2010/04    MPI Corporation (MPI) relieve of joint capital.


2012/01    Sales agent of  the Precision Spray Coater of ASAHI SUNAC.


2012/05    Sales agent of  the Laser System of  UITech Co., Ltd. 


2012/07    TMC Precision Coating Laboratory Opening


2015/04    MJC licensed FPD prober (including Array Prober, TEG Prober and Cell Prober) technology to

                Gallant Precision Machining Co., Ltd.